Words to Live by – or Not.

Words to live by – or Not.
Gideon D. Asche

“As a Christian, I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice”
                                                            – Anonymous patriot.

Wow! Good words huh;
Worthy of reposting don’t you think?

I found them a while back posted on one of the political sites I monitor.  I laughed so hard I almost passed a lumpy fart.

Then I got angry.

I got angry that any political party in the U.S. is actually stupid enough to quote this particular Anonymous patriot in support of their position.

You see, unlike that political party’s followers, I am very familiar with this Anonymous patriot and I immediately recognized the quote.

Few people would catch it but I had occasion to study this Anonymous patriot’s speeches, essays and political tactics. I even read his book, “My Fight,”  in the original language.

This Anonymous patriot had some other intriguing things to say about truth and justice but we will get to them later.

In this time of instantaneous information transfer and political organizations fielding false news sites there is little effort made to verify things.  With political propaganda outlets like: TPNN, Bernie Sanders, Ammoland, Breitbart and Fox News conjuring up facts as they are needed; legitimate news agencies are forced to risk not vetting facts or not be timely enough to maintain relevance.  This results in a daily information barrage of which only a small percentage might be accurate, yet is blindly accepted as true.

Misquotes and false quotes are used to lead the audience to a conclusion and are rarely of any real importance. When they are debunked the conclusion has already been made and the debunking only refutes the original quote while the audience is content to accept the errant conclusion.

I’m not talking about simple malapropisms or misquotes based on misunderstanding like my rendition of the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds chorus as:  “…the girl with colitis goes by.”  I am referring to the  plethora of other misquotes and false quotes that cross your monitor every day; usually designed to lead you to a conclusion you would never make based on the truth.

Some misquotes are complete paraphrases of the original words in an effort to vilify the author.  This is standard for sites like LifeNews.com and their sister organizations.  They don’t concern themselves with truth and when some celebrity or politician says “I have no regrets about abortion”; it is immediately misquoted as “I’m glad I murdered my defenseless babies” or something equally ridiculous.  Within hours the quote will be propagated across the web as if it were accurate.  Fortunately the only “Sheeple” this kind of misquote effects are the ones who already believe anyway.  Truth will not have any effect on them so there is no reason to expend the effort.

The most effective misquotes or fake quotes are always attributed to important people with whom no one can disagree.  They are either anonymous or attributed to: God, Gandhi, Lincoln, Franklin or one of the other founding fathers.  If the message is negative, Lenin, Marx and Hitler are usually the purported authors.

Here are some false quotes currently in use that you might recognize and even agree with them.  Misattributing does not always negate the value of the message; only the credibility of the person using the quote.

“There’s no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy.
There is nothing good in war except its ending.”
–  Abe Lincoln -Not
( fake  quote currently posted by anti-war groups)

“A democracy is two wolves and a small lamb voting on what to have for dinner.
Freedom under a constitutional republic is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote”
Ben Franklin -Not
fake  quote used by the Pro-gun lobby)

Socialized medicine is a keystone to the establishment of a Socialist State” – V. I. Lenin -Not
fake  quote  used by Ben Carson Pres. Campaign)

Some of the above quotes sound good but all are fakes, none of those people ever said any of those things. The first one was part of a Star Trek Script. The actor playing Lincoln also referred to Lt. Ohura a “beautiful negress” but no one ever includes that part.  The second was part of a 1990’s op-ed  and the third first appears in a compendium of quotations printed in 1946.   The last one is a complete political fabrication  used by Reagan in an anti-Medicare campaign in the 60’s.  None of these quotes have any foundation in reality.

There are also accurate quotes from irrelevant sources that are used for the same purpose.  The Right wing likes to quote the Federalists papers as if they had some value other than as a record of the process of logical discourse. The Left wing likes to quote “English Common Law”; neither has any relevance today other than as teaching material.

As an American, I prefer to quote the Constitution and Declaration these are the founding documents.  I see no need to make things it up as I go along but we all do it on occasion.  I’ve been known to quote the Apostle Paul saying “Let us Eat & Drink for we die tomorrow” as if it were an exhortation to hang one on while I know; in context he meant exactly the opposite and who of us has not quoted Prov. 13:24  as “Spare the rod and spoil the wife…”?  (Using that one is gonna cost me when my wife reads this)
anon patriot
Now We are back to the original quote: “As a Christian, I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.” Anonymous Patriot – NOT EVEN CLOSE

It comes from a speech given by an up and coming tyrant named of Adolf Hitler in 1939.  Some other notable highlights from his speeches include:  “Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized”, a policy he implemented three years later, and “the victor will never be asked to tell the truth” a concept our politicians have adopted as a standard today.

This is quite an endorsement for the Party who posted the quote.  There is no question that it is a major accomplishment to have Adolf Hitler in their camp but personally, I feel dirty for even repeating his words.  I would normally never do it.

I only studied him as a professional requirement.  It is my hope that anyone who actually meets me in person notices the four-inch, Levite blue, Star of David tattoo on my shield arm and correctly assess my position on Nationalsocialism and anything to do with Hitler.

I like to think that, in spite of the party who posted the quote having an obvious affinity for the truth, they would never have knowingly posted a Hitler quote to support their contentions… but I don’t believe that.

Few people would ever recognize a Hitler quote it so they marked it anonymous and took their chances never thinking some whacko Zionist might recognize the quote.

When I commented on it pointing out the authorship they immediately removed the post and deleted my comments but it is showed up on their sister sites within hours.

The problem here is not that the party made fools of themselves by quoting Hitler and calling it anonymous; or even that they openly lie to followers.  The problem is the dumbing up of America.  Our people have become followers who will not check facts, they will simply believe and repost while the stupidity spreads like Syphilis.

If you cannot find five (5) legitimate resources to support any report; the odds are pretty good that it is not true or has been modified to meet the needs of the reporting entity.

Verify things before you fall for them.

Acting like Sheeple always leads you to the same place – The Slaughter.




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