About Gideon

Gideon D. Asche grew up as the privileged child of a senior U.S. diplomat.   He attended private British schools in Europe, then finished High school in the United States.  Gideon is fluent in both English and German.  He has studied Theology, History and U.S. law; Gideon even has a useless degree or two.

Gideon served in the U.S. Army in the 70’s then late in his 2nd enlistment he was recruited out of the Army to serve as a HUMINT operator in Eastern Europe. He was not recruited for any special military skills or prowess but rather for his ability to BS himself out of almost any situation and make friends where there are none.

To put it in Gideon’s words “The next 15 years of my life was a complete lie.  I’m lucky I can remember my own birth name.”  He holds both U.S. and German passports and was trained by Sayeret Matkal.

With Desert Storm, Gideon came reactivated and deployment as part of the Federal Narcotics Task Force.  Post Narcotics TF, Gideon worked contract diplomatic security protecting German and Israeli VIPs.

Jinnik – The Asset, a fact-based account of the Cold War heavily based on Gideon’s personal experience behind the Iron Curtain will be re-released in hard copy in late 2019.

Gideon D. Asche is the Pseudonym that Gideon lived under while working in Eastern Europe in the late 70’s and 80’s.  He just went back to using it on a daily basis after retirement.

Gideon now lives in a remote area of the California Sierras devoting his time to writing, converting fine wine into urine and avoiding humanity.  Gideonasche@outlook.com


7 thoughts on “About Gideon

  1. Great reads. Somewhere in the Sierra range? Hmmm,wonder if it’s around Dutch Flat? The in person stories would be phenomenal,I’m sure.


  2. Now, more than ever, I miss your insight into world events and politics. I’m re-reading Jinnik for the third time (for the first time as an actual in hand book).


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