Unalterable – set in stone – no wiggle room – Reprint Policy

I have a very strict and unalterable three rule reprint/reuse/sample/excerpt policy.

If you are a military publication, meaning your main target audience is service members, veterans, or their families – You may reprint/republish or excerpt from any of my material as you wish. 

Commercial, Non-Military publications may also reprint my material at no cost as long as the reprint meets the qualifications of #2 below.

If reprinting or republishing anything I have written (under any Pseudo) will benefit any reader in your audience,  If it will encourage, exhort, or just cause a smile – You are encouraged to reprint/republish or excerpt from any of my material as you wish.

If you reprint/republish or excerpt,  I ask that you use proper attribution by means of a  footnote or whatever fits the reprint format best. – if it is a meme and there is limited space – the letters GDA anyplace near the text is sufficient.   If attribution is just not a possibility, regardless of reason be it space, content, color, ETC…  post the meme on my authors FB page and that will count as attribution.

If the article you want is marked as having been originally published by another page or publication, please attribute the material to that publication and their version of the article you are using. They were kind enough to give me a voice before anyone knew my name – the deserve the attribution.

The Bottom line regarding reprint limitations can be summed up as follows.

#1 – your audience comes first – I’ll say that again – the audience comes first – being one  of the blind men describing the elephant has its responsibilities

#2 – if you can look me in the eye and say you used my work to help someone, you made them smile or the effect of what I wrote is positive — Rock on and use it – If you need a written release, send me a copy of what works for you. 

#3 – if you need a copy of any content in a different format or images at a higher definition  – let me know – I will do my best to comply