My cell rang this afternoon and it was an “Unknown Caller” so I didn’t answer

they left a message, but before I could check .. it rang again – only the display was all zeros

I checked the time and it was at a particular time of the day that had significance to me – so I answered.

The voice on the other end was an old friend who I called Turk.

A man for whom I have great respect and affection.

I was glad to hear his voice. We worked together in Ost Bloc for almost 10 years and survived some hard shit together.

We chewed the cud for about 15 mins before I realized he was saying goodbye

My old friend is contemplating freedom.
The disturbing part is I couldn’t give him a reason to stay.

I told him I would miss him and that I always thought he was a better soldier than I was.

He seemed to accept that – I hope that was enough.

If not… I’ll place a coin on his stone.


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