Can you guess what leader I was researching?

I was looking through old research files and came across this set of notes – they are for a research paper I did about 40 years ago regarding the first 2 years of administration for a newly elected president who was re-elected every election cycle until his death.

Can any of you guess who the leader is?


The first 24 months after the election: (Major changes in the Republic)

1. The newly elected government becomes a Greek-style Democracy on a frame of an unregulated free market with a Christian base.

2. Many believe the Russians were active in an attempt to sway the election.

3. There is a massive drop in unemployment – from 9% to less than 2% – the economy is booming.

4. Food prices and medical cost drop.

5. Wages increase but only slightly for those outside the Executives immediate circle

6. Taxes are lifted on big business

7. Employment law protections gutted.

8. The administration has an official stand that Socialism must be eradicated. (a policy that appears diametrically opposed to actual practice)

9. The Majority of regulations from previous administration are gutted or rescinded.

10. Voter fraud is presented as a huge problem –(without any foundation) resulting in a requirement to prove you have the right to vote by birth records.

11. Virtually all previous Gun control is rescinded, and Guns are completely unregulated with the exception of those adjudicated as criminals by the Government. – the most liberal gun laws in history are put in place.

12. The Church embraces the new administration and advocates administration policies.

13. The Church chooses to overlook past transgressions and current untruths from the elected executive and administration. The current executive is treated as infallible in the eyes of the church leadership.

14. Federal regulations lifted on hard industry – automotive, steel, energy, coal, machinery, aviation – Factories in the industrial belt are working 24-7.

15. The Nation’s Enemies have been put on Notice – Don’t Fuck with us and they better show respect or experience destruction.

16. Other world leaders have no clue what to do about this new style of leadership and aggression, so they appease or look the other way.

17. Loyalty oaths shift away from an oath of loyalty to The Republic and become an Oath to be loyal to the elected Commander in Chief and the extreme right-wing movement by name.

18. Members of the legislative branch split into two factions – those Loyal to the elected executive and those who are considered traitors to the loyal.

19. Middle Eastern terrorists are the ever-present threat; The executive makes this his rallying cry – the people respond and follow.

20. There is an enormous increase in military spending and weapons research program

21. The Military – especially Special Operations troops embrace the new executive and express their loyalty by oath.

22. The Legislative branch passes legislation expanding executive power and enabling the elected executive to basically do as he wishes without restrictions.

23. The future is set in stone – there is no possibility of a positive outcome for anyone.


I made these notes for a research paper I did at the Universit of Munich circa 1982-

3 thoughts on “Can you guess what leader I was researching?

  1. Nice writing Gideon, but how in he’ll did you see Trump coming that far in advance. Other than that I haven’t a clue who you were researching.
    Semper Fi


  2. Adolf Hitler – those are my notes from a research paper on the first 24 months after Hitler was elected – He wasn’t considered a tyrant in the eyes of the world until almost 10 years after he was elected the first time.

    Krystalnacht wasn’t until 1938 – he tried at least 4 scapegoats before he settled on Jews.


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