Two Potatoes

2 tatersMy old partner, Heinrich, was Estonian. He ran an anti-Soviet newspaper in Leningrad – he was not popular with the Militz.

Eventually he had to get out or go to the Gulag so somone decided to extract him and he was recruited to work for our side.

He originally did propaganda broadcasts in Russian aimed as Soviet Soldiers in DDR. Then went into the field on the ground.

Heiney had a weird habit of using the phrase “Two Potatoes” all the time –

I’d say “Hey Heiny lets go get a beer and a Pizza” – “Two Potatoes”

Rothosen would win a game – “Two Potatoes”

I’d point out a hot tourist chick with hairy armpits – “Two Potatoes”

Finally I asked him just WTF “Two Potatoes” was supposed to mean cause no matter how or to what I translated it to; it still just meant 2 edible tubers – “Two Potatoes”.

Heiney grew up under Kruschev and Breschnev, during the heyday of Soviet Democratic Socilaism. — He lived it during the darkest years since Stalin.

Heiney explained “two potatoes” was exactly that – 2 edible tubers.

“Two Potatoes” – meant just that 2-potatoes … 2 meals … 2 more days that your family would eat.

“Two Potatoes” meant you wouldn’t starve this week.

As the years passed, the soviet system began to crumble and things got better with US Wheat shipments.

It became an expression for “good”. “Outa-sight”, “Kool” “Excellent” etc.

Think on that a moment…

“Two Potatoes” was just about as good as it got.

When some fool in office snuggles up with Putin

Let’s not forget what we fought for 5 decades. – or that it oppressed 1/3 of the world for 50 years.

…. throw a brain cell at it –


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